The Finest in American Antiques & Art Since 1901
The Finest in American Antiques & Art Since 1901

Welcome to our New Website

Hopefully this will be the first of many blog posts relating to the world of American decorative arts.
The first post is an introduction to our new and improved website. We have added a number of new pictures as well as a section with a complete run of our gallery and exhibition catalogs. Perusing those catalogs will give you a sense of the many types of furniture, silver, paintings, needlework, brass and other metals that we have handled over the years.

We hope you enjoy the website but also remind you that nothing beats actually seeing these objects in person. To be able to walk around, touch, use, and examine an antique piece of furniture is the best way to truly understand just how special these objects are. This is why we hope to see you in the gallery soon.

June, 2015