Mostly Dutch   18th century
Brass and Copper
Largest is 6 1/2 inches in Width

Details below (top to bottom, left to right):

Row One:
Item Number: 7289.3
Octagonal with Engraved Top

Row Two:
Item Number: 7289.6
Rectangular with Engraved Floral Top

Item Number: 7289.2
With Floral Decoration on Copper Top

Row Three:
Item Number: 7289
Top Depicting the British Invasion of Martinique, 1769

Item Number: 7289.1
Made by German John Heinrich Giese for the Dutch Market
With a Profile on the Top of Maria Theresia, Francis I and Coat of Arms
Circa 1760

Row 4:
Item Number: 7289.7
With Initials “C.D.G.” Engraved on Top

Item Number: 7289.4
Octagonal Shape with Biblical Scenes on the Top and the Twelve Disciples Depicted on the Sides

Item Number: 7289.5
Oval Shape with a Man Engraved on the Top

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