Summer of 2015

I think the summer of 2015 showed some signs of real and steady interest in the American antiques market. The New Hampshire shows were well attended and from what I hear successful across the board. The same can be said for Northeast Auctions sale of three important private collections. The interest was broad across all levels of collecting as well as the broad range of offerings.

There was some worry that with the large quantity of brass, ceramics, glass and furniture coming up for sale – over 1,500 lots – that the market, particularly the so called “mid market” could not keep up with the supply. Seeing the numbers, and noting the difficulty we had in buying at the sale, the market showed a great deal of strength unlike we have seen since the Economic collapse. That is not to say there weren’t some very good buys but instead that it looks like there is improvement in the general market which is a good thing for everyone.

This is still a golden opportunity for collectors to add or start a collection but maybe the pendulum of demand is starting to swing in the other direction.